7 great deals to earn extra money

In Finerio, we have always recommended looking for additional sources of income to achieve your savings goals. So, on this occasion, we will share 7 business ideas that have a growing demand in the Mexican context. They are options to undertake regardless of your age, resources or hours that you have available. And also, we give you an idea of ​​how much money you could earn with each one.

1. Tutor

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Mexico is one of the countries lagging behind in education, less than 1% of students of 15 years reach levels of excellence in science, reading and mathematics (PISA, 2015). This is a great field of action to start giving regularization classes, at home or at your students’.

Invite your friends or acquaintances interested in this sector to work with you, to have more specialization and greater coverage. The cost for tutoring one hour per student can be around 200 pesos.

2. Translator

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According to Engoo online school, only 5% of Mexicans are fluent in English. Therefore, the job of translator has a high demand and is well paid.

The supply of online translation jobs is wide, a good niche is in the publishing industry, since a good part of written production is in English, as Amazon notes.

The cost of a translation goes from 60 cents to 2 pesos per word. That is, for 500 words (just over one page) you would receive a minimum of 300 pesos.

Or, if you like and have knowledge of history, geography and culture, being a tourist guide will be your best option. The average salary goes, depending on the area and the services offered, from 400 and up to 900 pesos in a day.

To be a professional tour guide, there are licenses by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, only English level B2 or higher is required.

3. Dog walker

In recent years, having a companion pet has become a new trend and has also generated new business opportunities. Mexico is the second country that spends more on pets, with an amount per capita of 1,000 to 1,500 pesos per month, according to the newspaper El Universal .

A very attractive option to earn money is to walk dogs. Doing it on your own, you can earn 100 to 200 pesos per hour, getting customers among your neighbors or friends. With the Paséame application, you can earn 60 pesos to walk each dog in collective mode (maximum 4 dogs) and 140 pesos in the VIP mode, in which you will take care of only one dog for one hour.

4. Healthy cooking


According to a report by the Kantar WorldPanel pollster, Mexicans spend up to 30% of their income on junk food. Part of the problem is that there are few options for rich and healthy food. This represents an excellent opportunity to start a business of preparation and sale of healthy food, with creative menus and balanced diets.

You can offer salads, stews, pastas, sushi, tacos; as well as cakes, cookies or cupcakes; that you prepare based on organic and healthy products. It also includes options for children, who represent a good niche market; let’s not forget that Mexico is the first place in childhood obesity.

Create a Web page and attend only orders at home. The average cost per meal can be 50 pesos.

5. Sale of jewelry

Image result for buy and sellIf you like everything related to accessories such as earrings, bracelets or necklaces, the jewelry market is a good idea to start your business. The National Chamber of Silver and Jewelry in Mexico reported that consumption in silver accessories exceeds 630 tons per year.

You can start your sales among friends, family or acquaintances. You can also venture into the sector through pages like Etsy , in which you can create a profile to sell your own design products. Advertising your product will cost you 4.07 pesos and when they buy you, only one commission will be subtracted for the payment method.

The initial investment is between 5 thousand and 15 thousand pesos with a profit margin during the first year that could reach up to 20%.

6. Design of personalized t-shirts

T-shirts are relatively easy to make and sell. You can make designs with prints that carry a strong message or that are fun and focus on a young audience.

Perhaps one of the success stories that can inspire your designs, is that of the “Mexico is the shit” jacket, made by Mexican designers and with 100% national materials. It showed a strong message before the attacks of Donald Trump, when he was candidate for the presidency of the United States). Now, every time this jacket goes on sale online , it runs out in a short time.

So, search social networks and find what are the most shared themes or memes, to find a niche and serve it. You can sell your shirts from 125 pesos and open your own online store, through very professional services such as those offered by Kichink or Shopify .

7. Write an ebook

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Although a digital book by itself can have an economic price, the key is to sell massively. We have the case of Amanda Hocking, who sold more than one million books through Amazon Kindle, in the United States, for the series of four books My Blood Approves . In Mexico, the industry is in a process of consolidation, however, it is a wider opportunity for small competitors.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a tool that allows you to self-publish your works, without the need for the support of a publisher. You can earn up to 70% of the sale of your book, if it costs more than 60 pesos.

This business is not easy since you will need to make many drafts, edit them and then upload them to a platform and, finally, you should do all the work of diffusion, either in social networks, in blogs and other media. But if you love to write, this will not represent much effort.

Finally, if you have free time and want to increase your income, there are several very interesting options, which require a small budget and can be made after your usual work. We hope that these ideas inspire you and choose to undertake something that you are good at and passionate about.

Car loan lenders offer the best loan?

Car loan from Green-Touch is always the best option to buy a new vehicle.

What does a car finance offer?

The financing of a new car in the dealership itself is an option that we should not reject at first. Although sometimes we can find worse conditions, in others they offer other advantages with which we will access more favorable conditions for our pocket. Some of them are the following:

  1. Lowest interest or even 0% if we take advantage of your offers and comply with the financial conditions.
  2. The concessionaires usually ask for an entrance of around 20% to access the credit. However, it is an opportunity for us to request a lower amount in case we have savings, so we will generate less interest and reduce the final cost.
  3. It is easier to negotiate the terms of financing at the dealership than in other ways. Therefore, it is an opportunity to negotiate, for example, a grace period or some commission.
  4. At the dealership, we will also find the option to rent the car during a certain period. In some cases, this contract may end up in the purchase of the vehicle.

Taking into account the previous sections, the option of financing in the establishment itself can be an opportunity to get the money for our car without paying more. For this reason, it is advisable that we ask for the credit at the dealership before discarding this option without having enough information.

Aspects to assess when going to car finances

However, not all the conditions that we will find when going to cars financed at the dealership will be positive. If we offer this option in the establishment, we should look at aspects such as the following:

  1. Domain reservation. Most of the financial products that will be offered to us in the establishment will include this clause. If this is the case, we will not be able to sell the car until we have fully reimbursed the car since up to this moment it will be the property of the dealer.
  2. Temporary promotions Some offers usually have a certain duration, so conditions will change once this time changes. For this reason, we must assess if it is worth the price that we will pay later according to the discount that we have applied at the beginning.

Although it is not about aspects for which we have to give up financing at the dealership, we must take them into account so as not to take surprises with the cost of the car loan that we will have assumed. In addition, they can be a problem if you want to get rid of the vehicle before you finish paying the credit.

Car finance companies that operate in Spain

According to the latest list of the best-selling car brands in Spain, the car finance companies that operate each of them and offer their auto loans at the dealership are the following:

These entities were created by the ad hoc brands themselves to finance their own cars, but they are not the only ones that can grant us a loan to finance a vehicle in the same dealership. For example, many banks have divisions specializing in consumer credit that collaborate with different brands and can also offer car loans to buy cars of a certain brand.

Alternatives to dealer car financing

Although there are times when financing the car at the dealership is a good choice, it is not always the best choice. As we have explained before, the temporary promotions that we can benefit from are an opportunity to get better conditions than we would find ourselves resorting to other options. However, we can also choose to finance a car without a payroll in the following ways:

  • Bank entities.
  • Private credit companies.
  • Loans between individuals (P2P).

If we see that the conditions they offer are not more advantageous than we are going to find going to any of the above options, it is advisable to request information in other alternative ways to see if we can hire a product that is better suited to what we are searching and in line with our financial capacity.

In the case of banks and private credit companies, in most cases, one of their credits will be cheaper than financing the vehicle at the dealership, since the interest they apply is usually lower.